Why Do I Keep Getting Offers To Buy My House?

Have you ever found yourself bombarded with phone calls from individuals or real estate companies interested in buying your house? It can be quite perplexing, especially if you haven’t listed your property for sale. You may find yourself asking “Why do I keep getting offers to buy my house?”, Let’s explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and shed light on why people keep calling you to try to buy your house.

  1. Online Listings and Public Records:

One possible reason for the influx of calls could be the availability of online listings and public records. In today’s digital age, information about properties is easily accessible. Potential buyers may come across outdated or incomplete listings, leading them to contact homeowners who are not actively selling their homes. Banks hire law firms that specialize in foreclosure and eviction as well as publish homes to be sold at auction. Likewise counties will advertise homes that will be for auction on the courthouse steps each month. Sometimes a simple mistake, like a misapplied payment could make your name appear on one of these lists. Or it could simply even be a data entry mistake.

  1. Mistaken Identity:

Another explanation could be mistaken identity. It’s not uncommon for people to have similar names or phone numbers. It’s possible that someone with a similar name or a previous owner of your phone number had their property listed for sale, leading to the confusion and subsequent calls. Real Estate investors often use tools called “skip tracing”. These tools will scour through public data and provide suggested phone numbers, email addresses and physical address for names on public records like deeds. It is recommended that you skip trace yourself once a year to see what shows up. You will be amazed, some data providers will even have social media information including pictures from posts! The skip trace results also show anyone and everyone it can find related to you or the property. This could include family or even people who lived at the address before you. So the investors will call every number from the results, including you, your family or past tenants trying to make offers on your property or what they think might be your property.

  1. Real Estate Agents and Investors:

Real estate agents and investors are always on the lookout for potential properties. They often employ various strategies to find potential sellers, including cold calling. If your contact information is publicly available or if you’ve had any previous real estate dealings, it’s likely that these professionals have come across your details and are reaching out to explore potential opportunities.

  1. Market Research and Data Collection:

Companies engaged in market research and data collection may also be responsible for the calls. They gather information about properties, homeowners, and market trends to provide valuable insights to their clients. While their intentions may be genuine, it can be frustrating to receive unsolicited calls.

  1. Scammers and Fraudsters:

Unfortunately, the rise of scams and fraudulent activities in the real estate industry cannot be ignored. Scammers may pose as potential buyers, attempting to gather personal information or deceive homeowners into fraudulent transactions. It’s essential to exercise caution and never share sensitive details without verifying the legitimacy of the caller.

  1. Local Interest and Development:

If your property is located in an area experiencing rapid growth or development, it’s possible that individuals are genuinely interested in purchasing it. New businesses, infrastructure projects, or changes in zoning regulations can attract potential buyers looking to capitalize on the evolving landscape.


Receiving numerous calls from individuals interested in buying your house can be both puzzling and overwhelming. While there may not be a single definitive reason for this phenomenon, it’s crucial to understand the various factors at play. From mistaken identity to market research and even potential scams, it’s essential to remain vigilant and cautious when dealing with unsolicited calls. Remember, if you’re not actively selling your house, it’s perfectly acceptable to politely decline or ignore these inquiries.

At Trusted Texas House Buyers we always provide discretion and compassion. Bad things can happen even to good people. If you are facing pre-foreclosure on your home or divorce or perhaps have a home in probate – we will take the compassionate approach and would love to help you understand your options – including legitimate cash offers for buying your home. If interested, contact us today – meanwhile we hope this information helped you understand the sudden influx of calls of people wanting to make an offer on your home.

Why do I keep getting offers to buy my house? Are cash offer legit?